Maximising Smart Warehousing as part of a Cold Chain Management Solution for Clinical Trials

The safe storage and careful handling of investigational products (IPs), particularly those which are temperature-sensitive, can mean the difference between success and failure in a clinical trial. Maintaining a consistent cold chain is paramount to ensuring the efficacy and safety of these delicate IPs. Even minor temperature deviations can compromise their potency, rendering them ineffective or even hazardous to participants.

Traditional cold chain management often relies on manual processes, which are susceptible to human error and limited visibility. In an evolving market, the goal is to keep up with technology. Falling behind could mean that it becomes more costly and more difficult to harness the power of new technology. This is where smart warehousing is emerging as a game-changer. By combining real-time data monitoring, advanced environmental control systems and Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), it offers the potential to significantly optimise cold chain management for clinical trials. What’s more, by adhering to strict procedures, sponsors and investigators are not only safeguarding the integrity of their investigation products but are also demonstrating compliance with strict regulatory requirements.

Smart Warehouse Technology

Smart warehousing technology offers a superior solution to create a more secure and efficient environment for the storage of IPs.

A Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), equipped with cold chain capabilities can track the specific temperature requirements for each IP. By, integrating with environmental monitoring sensors which are strategically placed throughout a warehouse, the monitoring of temperature and humidity levels can be monitored continuously. Real-time data is logged and automatic alerts can be generated if any parameters deviate from pre-defined safety requirements. This means that engineers can take immediate action, preventing potential spoilage or loss of products.

Environmental control systems with remote access and control capabilities can monitor multiple locations from one handy, central location. A dashboard screen can provide an instant overview across all locations, quickly highlighting any temperature deviations which may have occurred. Deviations can arise from air conditioning, generators, or even someone inadvertently leaving a door open. The smart warehouse can pinpoint which door, in which location, has been left open. Engineers can ensure consistent temperature regulation across all facilities irrespective location, providing a truly global cold chain management system for clinical trials.

CMMS software centralises essential maintenance information, facilitating the process of maintenance operations. It helps optimise the utilisation of physical equipment such as vehicles, machinery, and other assets. Offering, a fairly simple process flow, it enables engineers across multiple locations to populate an equipment asset list and print out labels which are then placed on corresponding equipment. Maintenance schedules are then drawn up which will, in turn, create work orders. Upon completion of work orders, reports can be created on a weekly or monthly basis identifying any action which needs to be taken. Push notifications and email alerts are sent to an engineer’s mobile app for actioning and digital sign-off. Analytics are also helpful in the prediction of any essential maintenance which needs to be carried out, making sure that all equipment is fully functional and able to support clinical logistics at all times.

Smart Warehouse Logistics from Oximio

At Oximio we utilise smart warehouse technologies to maximise our cold chain management solutions for the storage of vaccines, pharmaceutical products and biological samples.

By implementing the latest  technology we have created a centralised monitoring network across all our locations for the safe storage of clinical trial products. Combining this with cutting-edge CMMS software, we are transitioning maintenance processes and documentation into the digital realm providing streamlined processes.  Our global engineers benefit from a centralised repository for all maintenance data, enabling them to act quickly and efficiently.

With locations spread across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, backed by an extensive partner depot network, please contact us today and find out how we can support your clinical trial.