Depot Network

We provide a direct connection to several patient communities of over 500 million people by being present in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

By combining our ‘best-in-class’ depot network with a highly experienced and qualified workforce, we are thoroughly conversant with both global and local procedures for clinical trials, ensuring the highest standards of operation.

We offer three types of depot facility:

Oximio Depots

Oximio’s depots across Europe, the Middle East and Africa enable a comprehensive portfolio of clinical trial logistics services.
Providing a range of clinical trial supply solutions across temperature control, logistics, labelling, inventory management they comply with GMP and GDP practices, backed with full regulatory compliance.

Customs Bonded Depots

Oximio’s customs bonded warehouses offer specialised storage solutions across Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
Situated strategically to facilitate seamless onward shipping, these not only provide the full range of services offered by our central warehouses but also offer regulatory customs advantages and fiscal benefits.

Partner Depots

Our network of partner depots spans across the EMEA region, the Americas, Asia and Australasia.
This further enhances our global presence enabling us to offer bespoke solutions to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

With locations worldwide:

    Oximio Services:

    Global Logistics solutions

    • Global Logistics solutions

    • Customs Clearance & IOR/EOR

    • Depot & Distribution

    • Return, Accountability & Destruction

    • Biosamples Management

    • Labelling & Packaging

    • QP Release

    • Custom Bonded Facilities (Serbia, Kenya, Georgia)

    Global Sourcing Capabilities

    • Comparator Sourcing

    • Ancillary and Equipment Purchase

    • Equipment Rental

    Strategic Services

    • Direct-to-Patient(DtP)

    • Direct-from-Patient(DfP)

    • Patient Transportation

    • Home Healthcare Services

    • Early Access Programs

    Oximio’s depot guide: delivering a global network with local expertise

    Discover how Oximio can support your clinical trials with logistics, sourcing, and patient-focused services in established and emerging pharmaceutical markets.