Biological Sample Management: Collection and Storage Solutions from Oximio Georgia

At Oximio, we fully understand that transporting highly sensitive biological samples such as blood, tissue, urine and cells requires strict temperature control as well as regulatory and customs expertise. These measures are crucial in clinical trials to ensure the integrity of samples and avoid any delays in customs clearance.

Oximio, Georgia, established the first GDP-Certified depot in Georgia in 2017 and offer comprehensive biological sample management solutions for the collection, storage and distribution of Investigational Medicinal Products and Clinical Trial Materials. In addition, our extensive expertise in clinical trial logistics within the region allows us to enhance efficiency, optimise costs, and maintain the quality and integrity of your valuable biological samples.

At a glance, our sample management solutions in Georgia include:

  • Courier dry-ice collection of bio samples
  • Consolidated ULT (-800C to -600C) biological sample storage at the depot
  • Exportation of biological samples to the central labs
  • Rental of ULT freezers (-800C to -600C) for sites
  • Validation and maintenance of freezers

Sample Management Benefits for Clinical Trials

Oximio’s sample management services provide benefits to both clinical trial sponsors and CROs. In addition, there are also benefits for investigational sites.

Benefits for Sponsors and CROs:

  • Expedited start-up and site initiation
  • Economy from consolidation and reduced number of multinational shipments

Benefits for Investigational Sites

  • Qualified storage capacity
  • No need for equipment importation
  • Flexible exportation

Biological Sample Management Process

Logistics process for biological sample management in Georgia, Eastern Europe.

  1. Oximio supplies investigational site with validated ULT freezer (optional)
  2. The PI completes a collection request form (the form, as well as other export document templates including a letter to customs and a proforma invoice are prepared by Oximio in advance as part of the project setup)
  3. Oximio collects the bio-samples from the site (including controlled packaging, temperature loggers and related materials – ambient, refrigerated frozen or dry ice, if needed)
  4. Oximio consolidates multiple shipments from sites at the depot and stores in ultra-low temperature freezers
  5. Oximio performs export procedures
  6. Oximio delivers to the central lab
  7. Oximio provides P.O.D.

When working with Oximio’s biological sample management and storage solutions you can expect:

  • Own courier fleet covering all regions of Georgia with same-day delivery
  • Dedicated ULT zone for storage of biological samples
  • Installed and validated ULT freezers with temperature monitoring
  • In-stock small-size ULT freezers available for rental

Contact Oximio

Oximio, Georgia, offers a complete start to finish, clinical trials logistics solution. If you are running a trial and looking for support with the collection and preservation of biological specimens in the region, why not view the full range of logistics services available from our Georgian depot. Alternatively, please contact us. We’d be delighted to discuss your sample management requirements.

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