Courier Services for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical companies

Transporting temperature-sensitive products is a frequent requirement for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical companies, especially when dealing with drugs susceptible to heat. These valuable products are often vulnerable when exposed to temperature variations.

At Oximio, we can solve this problem via our wholly owned dedicated fleet of courier vehicles in Türkiye, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Israel, Hungary, Kenya and South Africa. Via contracted international and regional vendors and partners we can additionally provide door-to-door deliveries.

Offering a flexible and agile solution, here’s how our medical courier services can support your requirements:

  • Chilled Logistics Delivery
  • Pharm Logistics 3PL
  • Bio-specimens Transportation
  • Ultra-low Temperature shipping
  • Thermal Packing and Sensors

Temperature Controlled Logistics

To ensure product safety, our delivery vehicles are fitted with temperature-controlled equipment which provides a temperature log throughout the journey. It’s important to note that our medical delivery couriers are dedicated exclusively to the transportation of pharmaceutical products.

Pharm Logistics 3PL

In addition to specialised logistics services for clinical trials, our medical courier services extend to businesses within the pharmaceutical sector, providing high-quality warehousing and handling. Our primary focus lies in providing express delivery services within the cold chain.

Approximately 40% of all medications are sensitive to temperature, and strict temperature restrictions are crucial for 100% of biopharmaceuticals. Most of these substances require cold chain transportation at temperatures around +5°C. Both freezing and overheating pose significant risks to drugs of this nature. If any link in the “cold chain” proves unreliable, all efforts become futile. It is essential that no link in the transport chain is broken

Our highly qualified, transportation team can create a tailored solution to satisfy product safety, delivering goods on time to your required destination.

Transportation of Bio-specimens

Our in-country courier service can guarantee the safe and timely delivery of bio-samples to any destination within that country, extending to other countries when required. Further supported by our own, licenced warehouses, we can provide storage and banking services for biological materials. 

Our experienced and fully trained drivers are qualified to transport bio-samples at all temperature conditions (+15°C +25°C, +2°C-8°C, -20°C, dry ice, and ultra-low). Innovative packaging methods and the thermal insulation materials are used to store materials.

Ultra Low Temperature Shipping

Delivery of bio-specimens at ultra-low temperatures is one of the key challenges for advanced areas of medicine and biology. At Oximio, we provide cutting-edge and reliable solutions, and we collaborate with suppliers of liquid nitrogen and dry ice to guarantee the most reliable and efficient transportation.

Thermal Packaging and Sensors

We understand how high the cost of temperature violations is when transporting thermolabile materials.

Oximio utilises single and re-usable shipping systems that include vacuum insulating panels (VIP), which are more than 100 times superior in thermal insulation characteristics to conventional polystyrene boxes.

For cold chain delivery, special packaging from the world’s leading manufacturers is used. This allows you to maintain the desired temperature for up to 72 hours and beyond if required. This guarantees the safety of pharmaceutical products, including immunobiological preparations, vaccines, serums, and more.

To ensure continuous monitoring of temperature conditions, specialist temperature sensors and loggers are included in each delivered product box.

For further information on our courier services please contact us.