In the spotlight: Denis Djurkovic, Operations Manager, Serbia

Shining a light on our fabulous team who are actively engaged in the field, we are delighted to catch-up with Denis Djurkovic, Operations Manager for our depot in Serbia. In this informal interview, we take a look at his role, his highlights and what he gets up to in his spare time.

What motivated you to start work at Oximio?

I was drawn to join Oximio primarily because of the alignment of its values with my own. As the Operations Manager, I found that Oximio places a strong emphasis on principles that resonate with me deeply. Additionally, my passion for pharmacy has always been a driving force in my professional journey, and Oximio offered me the opportunity to combine my expertise in operations with my love for the pharmacy field. Making a transition to a profession that aligns more closely with my personal and professional interests has been a motivating factor in my decision to join the Oximio team. I am excited to contribute to the company’s success while pursuing my passion for pharmacy in a meaningful way.

Tell us a little bit about your role and what a typical day looks like?

Denis Djurkovic, Operations Manager, Oximio, Serbia

As the Operations Manager at Oximio Serbia, my role involves overseeing and optimizing various aspects of the daily operations. A typical day for me is dynamic and involves a diverse set of responsibilities. I work closely with the team to ensure smooth and efficient workflow within the depot.

My day typically starts with coordinating and prioritizing tasks, ensuring that orders are processed and dispatched on time. I actively engage with the team to address any operational challenges, providing guidance and support as needed. Inventory management is a crucial aspect of my role, where I monitor stock levels, coordinate restocking efforts, and implement strategies to minimize discrepancies.

Collaboration with different departments, such as logistics and procurement, is a regular part of my routine to streamline processes and enhance overall efficiency. This involves sourcing, negotiating contracts, monitoring inventory, ensuring quality compliance, maintaining documentation, optimizing costs, managing risks, aligning with strategic goals, and continuous process improvement. Effective procurement is vital for a seamless and compliant supply chain.

What I love the positive atmosphere that comes with contributing to the healthcare system. Knowing that our efforts in the depot directly impact people’s access to essential medications adds a meaningful dimension to my role. Overall, I find joy in the challenges and rewards that come with managing operations, where dedication and passion play a vital role in ensuring the well-being of our community.

What do you like most about your job?

Denis Djurkovic, Operations Manager, Oximio, Clinical Trials Logistics, Serbia

In addition to my passion for pharmacy and the technical aspects of depot operations, I thoroughly enjoy the multifaceted nature of my role that involves a broader spectrum of skills and knowledge.

Having a strong understanding of Good Distribution Practices (GDP) is paramount in ensuring the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain. This knowledge allows me to implement and maintain high standards, contributing to the overall safety and compliance of our operations.

Engaging in business development is another aspect that resonates with me. The opportunity to explore new avenues, foster collaborations, and contribute to the growth of the Oximio Serbia depot aligns with my enthusiasm for both the industry and strategic development.

Negotiation skills play a crucial role in my day-to-day interactions, whether it’s liaising with suppliers, collaborating with other departments, or addressing operational challenges. These skills enable me to navigate complexities, find mutually beneficial solutions, and ensure the smooth functioning of our depot.

Leadership is an integral part of my role, and I take pride in fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. Guiding and motivating my team, as well as instilling a shared commitment to our goals, are aspects of leadership that I find particularly rewarding.

In essence, the combination of my passion for pharmacy, technical expertise, and the diverse skill set involving GDP, business development, negotiation, and leadership collectively make my role not only enjoyable but also allow me to contribute meaningfully to the success of the Oximio Serbia.

What would you say was your best achievement or you are most proud of in your role?

Becoming the Operations Manager in this role stands out as my proudest achievement. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to lead and contribute to the success of Oximio, Serbia. It reflects not only my dedication to the field but also the trust placed in me to oversee crucial aspects of operations. I am committed to continuing to strive for excellence and making a positive impact on both the team and the overall efficiency of our operations.

Is there something you are looking forward to within your job function in the year ahead?

In the coming year, I eagerly anticipate the prospect of expanding my role into the global sphere of the company. This presents a valuable opportunity for me to acquire additional knowledge and experience, contributing not only to my professional growth but also, more importantly, to the enhanced care of patients. I am enthusiastic about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and am dedicated to furthering my contributions to the broader success of our organization.

When you’re not working at Oximio, how do you like to spend your free time?

Denis Djurkovic, DJ.

I have a passion for music.  I love searching, listening to, and producing music. In 2002, at the age of 16, I became a DJ at Club Sirius on Zlatibor mountain. I worked there for three years and then moved to Belgrade. Here I started my professional career, working in many clubs, bars and restaurants. My music is made by beats of Nu Disco House, Deep House, Tech House and Afro House. I followed my appetite for music, and started to create new rhythms and produce new vibes for my fans.

I have been fortunate to have played my music in many different countries across Europe, at great venues, in Greece (Zakynthos and Corfu), Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia and Türkiye.

Denis Djurkovic - enjoying the sunset

I became a co-owner of “Feel The Vibe” brand. This organization sets out to promote visual and musical creativity. From 2005 to the present day, we have gained a large circle of fans and friends! Our mission is to create music which inspires, uplifts and connects us to our essence.

You can follow my work here: