Dry Ice Shipping for Bio Specimens in Africa

Cryosure Dry Ice Shipping Vessels for the transportation of bio specimens by Oximio, Kenya, Africa.

Working within clinical trials in Africa, the use of dry ice can form an essential step in the development of new treatments and therapies across a wide range of diseases. The collection and transportation of important bio specimens, such as blood, tissue and genetic material are critical for the evaluation of the safety and efficacy of new drugs or treatments. However, the transportation of these specimens can be challenging as they must be kept at extremely low temperatures to prevent degradation and maintain sample integrity.

This is where dry ice shipping vessels come into play, as they provide a reliable and efficient method for transporting these valuable samples over long distances while ensuring they remain in a stable, frozen state.

Mitigate the Risks of Dry Ice Shipping with CryoSure® 

Oximio provides dry ice shipping services to ensure sample safety across Africa with CryoSure®, the dry ice shipping solution by Envirotainer. Offering an easy and safe dry ice transportation dewar, Cryosure® is ISTA 7D validated for temperatures below -70°C for up to 21 days depending on size.

Discover the benefits of Cryosure® for bio specimen shipping:

  • Better sublimation rate compared to conventional dry ice boxes
    • Reusable dewars with average sublimation rate of 100g / day, compared to conventional single use packaging with an average sublimation rate of 3000g / day

Dry ice shipping sublimation rate

  • Superior duration of up to 3 weeks
    • 2-7 x better than other existing technologies
  • Easy to handle
    • Arrives pre-charged and ready to ship
    • No sourcing of dry ice or assembly of boxes
  • Low carbon footprint
    • Reusable and significantly low weight, reducing landfill and emissions
    • Superior weight/volume efficiency
  • Temperature performance not affected by orientation
    • Duration not significantly impacted by orientation
    • Temperature deviations when conventional dry ice boxes are tilted
  • Heat resistant
    • Temperature stays below -70°C despite being exposed to ambient of up to +600C
  • Maintains below -70°C if opened
    • Sample space maintains below -70°C even if opened, which is not possible for conventional dry ice boxes.
    • Not possible for conventional dry-ice- boxes
  • Real-Time visibility
    • Possibility to check the remaining dry ice duration for your specific CryoSure® by a unique QR-system. Included in all shipments.
    • Possible to add real time visibility of the probe temperature, shipment location and any box opening during the shipment.
  • Robust design
    • Can withstand rough handling due to robust dewar design and protective foam / cardboard box
  • Multiple volumes with storage capacity of 20 to 500, 2 mL vials.

CryoSure® Packaging Validation 

Offering quality assurance at all times, we have a complete portfolio of packaging validation documentation for our dry ice shipping containers across all volumes. These include:

  • ISTA Summer profile
    • The gold standard in pharma industry for worst case scenario thermal testing
  • ISTA 3A
    • Requirement for certain shipments to show that the Cryosure® can withstand tough handling scenarios
  • UN 3373
    • Requirement for certain shipments to eliminate the risk of contamination
  • Trade lane testing
    • Shows that CryoSure® performs also in real life scenarios and not just in the lab
  • Extreme testing
    • Gradually increasing temperature to +600C and changing orientation of unit (sideways, upside down).
  • Type A

Dry Ice Shipping Accessories 

To facilitate loading and unloading of bio specimens and other medical materials inside the CryoSure®, all units can be ordered with a product holder, cylindrical stainless steel or rectangular product holder, depending on the unit, to make handling easier, in addition to a full range of accessories.

Dry ice shipping accessories

Dry Ice Transportation Solutions in Africa from Oximio

Ship your bio specimens in confidence with Oximio’s dry ice transportation solutions. Offering complete end to end clinical trials logistics across Africa, Oximio’s dry ice shipping service is backed with a local depot in South Africa, a bonded warehouse in Kenya and an experienced and friendly team.

To find out more about our dry ice shipping, and comprehensive end to end clinical trials logistic services in Africa, simply contact us. We’d be delighted to help.