Elevating Clinical Trials with Tailored Logistics Solutions for Pharmaceutical, CDMOs, CROs, and Biotech Innovators 

At Oximio we pride ourselves on being a dedicated partner in the complex world of clinical trials, providing comprehensive, tailor-made logistics solutions that cater to a myriad of client needs. Our high-quality services are designed to ensure the seamless operation of each clinical trial we support, regardless of its scale or complexity. By adhering to the strictest quality standards, we ensure that every delivery is accurate, secure, and timely. We recognise that the stakes are high when meeting patient requirements and every detail matters. This drives our commitment to excellence in every service we offer, making us a trusted partner in the pursuit of medical advancement. 

Our clinical trial services support: 

Pharmaceutical Companies 

Tailored Solutions: We understand the complexities of pharmaceutical logistics and the stringent criteria to be met at all stages of a clinical trial journey. Quality standards, traceability and the safe transportation and storage of essential materials require detailed planning and customised storage and transportation, specifically designed for pharmaceutical companies. We appreciate that not all clinical processes are the same. That’s why our tailor-made solutions ensure that you have a streamlined global distribution network, helping you navigate regulatory requirements across regions ensuring compliant transportation of vital, temperature-sensitive products. We can manage the complexities of supply chain difficulties, adapting to evolving trial demands. 

Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) and Clinical Research Organisations (CROs): 

End-to-End Support: We realise that as a CDMO or CRO ensuring timely and compliant delivery of drug products to diverse global locations, managing complex supply chains, and adapting to changing trial requirements can bring its challenges. Coordinating and optimising the movement of clinical trial materials, dealing with regulatory complexities across multiple regions, and maintaining real-time visibility into the entire supply chain for efficient trial execution requires considerable management with great attention to detail 

At Oximio, our logistics services provide agile solutions whilst meeting the highest quality standards ensuring a smooth clinical trial process to help meet your patient requirements in what is often a demanding environment. 

Biotech Companies (including Start-ups): 

Guidance for Growth: Creating the highest quality products to improve patient health is the key focus of biotech manufacturers. Our team of highly experienced project managers can remove the pain of managing a logistics supply chain, streamlining the best route to market and allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. 

Start-ups in the biotech sector can also benefit from our guidance as a dedicated project manager will lead you through the clinical trial logistics process from start to finish, navigating regulatory requirements and adhering to industry standards. 

Oximio’s Comprehensive Logistics Solutions for Clinical Trials 

At Oximio, our team of dedicated project managers will work closely with you throughout the clinical trial process. Here’s a taster of what we can do: 

Import and Export, Customs Clearance, and Importer of Record (IOR): 

Our experts manage the complexities of international logistics, ensuring compliance with import/export regulations and acting as the Importer of Record when needed, resulting in seamless cross-border operations. 

Meeting Regulatory Requirements: 

Stay ahead of regulatory hurdles with our team, well-versed in the ever-evolving landscape of clinical trial regulations at a local and international level, ensuring that quality standards are met at all times. 

Comparator Sourcing: 

With a broad presence across Europe, the USA, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, we excel in locally and globally sourcing medicines, enabling comprehensive availability analyses and competitive pricing. Our proficiency includes acquiring products with specific expiration dates, batch requirements, and minimal lead times. In the critical domain of cancer treatment, Oximio’s direct access to essential medicines, backed by robust regulatory documentation, ensures reliability. Positioned uniquely, we offer optimal market solutions, including global shipping, impressive lead times, diverse dose formulations, and flexible quantities.  

Patient Recruitment: 

Unlocking the potential of diverse patient populations for clinical trials, our patient recruitment services extend across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and is further enhanced by a robust global partner depot network. We can provide unparalleled access to a broad spectrum of patients, facilitating efficient and inclusive recruitment for clinical trials. Partnering with us means tapping into a vast and varied demographic landscape, enhancing the reach and diversity of your clinical trial participants for comprehensive and impactful research outcomes. 

Temperature-Controlled Storage: 

Our cutting-edge temperature control solutions are meticulously designed to ensure the preservation of medicinal products and biological samples at all times. Our commitment to maintaining optimal temperature conditions throughout the storage process guarantees the integrity of your products providing customers with a reliable and comprehensive solution for the safekeeping of critical materials. Partner with us to safeguard the potency and reliability of your clinical trial assets, ensuring the success and credibility of your research. 

Transport Logistics, Including Delivery to Patient Doors: 

Our team take great pride in their commitment to providing reliable logistics solutions to ensure that your shipments reach your destination on time, every time. For added convenience, our direct-to-patient services will bring your trial directly to your patient, enhancing accessibility and patient retention throughout the duration of your trial. 

For further information on our end-to-end clinical trial logistics services, please contact us.