In the Spotlight: Erika Benkovics, Commercial Data Team Leader.

As we continue to highlight our amazing staff across Oximio, we were delighted to catch-up with Erika Benkovics, Commercial Data Team Leader. Always ready to welcome you with a warming smile and helpful attitude, we were excited to learn more about Erika’s career at Oximio, her achievements and pride in her role – not forgetting, how she likes to relax in her free time.

What appealed to you about working at Oximio?

Erika Benkovics

Before Oximio, my roles have been in the in the pharmaceutical industry, both in sales and finance. During the COVID period, I had the privilege of getting more insights into the clinical trials related to one of the vaccines. When I heard about the job opportunity at Oximio, I immediately felt that Oximio fulfilled my vision of a place I would be very happy to work in. In May 2024, I am now celebrating my 3rd anniversary – so I can now confirm I was not wrong.

Tell us a little bit about your Oximio journey, your existing role and responsibilities

I began my journey at Oximio as a CRM Specialist. I worked with the Sales Team on implementing the CRM system, and at the same time, we created the foundations of the Marketing department. After approximately 1 year, I was appointed as Marketing Operations Manager, and besides the CRM management, I gained more responsibilities with the website, events and other marketing activities. In 2023, in line with the company’s strategy and an increasing demand for data-driven requirements, I was offered and excited to take the role to lead this new department of Commercial Data Operations. In a nutshell, we are collecting, organising, analysing and utilising data related to all the commercial activities within Oximio.

I work together with Vitalii Talat, supporting the Chief Commercial Officer and other members of the Senior Management to prepare reports, data tables, charts, presentations, Excel and Power BI solutions. Outside of the Commercial Office, we also work with many teams within Oximio including the Finance Team, Business Development Office and also with all the country Managing Directors.

We also have to work to a very strict time schedule to ensure all reports are prepared in line with the monthly financial results and the quarterly commercial planning and review meetings.

What do you like most about your job?

Erika Benkovics

What I really like about my role is the opportunity to be in contact with many colleagues across the organisation and find solutions for different problems together.

Although the analytical work may seem lonely, I am a real team player and believe that communication, knowledge and experience sharing are the keys to successful collaboration – and, actually, success itself.

What would you say was your best achievement or you are most proud of in your role?

I can say that my/our most significant achievement is our new department and how we managed to organise structure within the hundreds of data sources and navigate during the continuous changes and requests. We continuously strive to develop our processes to ensure we provide as accurate data as possible at the appropriate time to help improve decision-making and drive business growth.

Also, I would like to highlight that I am proud to be part of Oximio, which is made up of a fantastic bunch of people. I am continuously impressed by how many dedicated, helpful, and versatile colleagues I have around me.

When you’re not working at Oximio, how do you like to spend your free time?


I am a very passionate cat lover, and I have two Maine Coons, so especially because of them, I like to be at home and enjoy time together with them. This means that when I am at home, I can indulge in my other hobby, cooking. I take pleasure in preparing dishes not 100% based on the well-proven recipe but using my creativity to add something extra to create an unforgettable culinary experience. I also like gardening on my tiny balcony, I am addicted to buying new plants and flowers.

Erika Balcony

On the other hand, my husband and I share a passion for travelling, exploring new continents and countries, visiting new cities and places, trying new tastes, and meeting new people and cultures. This year, in February, we have been fortunate to visit the fabulous Malaysia and Thailand. We plan to spend some days during the summer in Italy and Croatia and, hopefully, during the autumn in Spain and Sweden.

Erika Swing

And a final personal piece of information about myself is that I am a big fan of karaoke. Not just listening but singing.

Do you have any personal/business goals you would like to achieve in the year ahead?

Erika Benkovics

My personal goal for the rest of the year is to do more physical exercise and sports because I believe that physical fatigue helps us sleep better. Good sleep is the basis of our physical and mental health. Also, physical strength makes us mentally stronger, which helps us handle stress better and prevent illnesses.

As a business goal, I would like to meet more colleagues from different functions and other locations. Personal contact and personal meetings have an enormous added value – they take future communication and collaboration to a higher level, which are essential factors of business development. Additionally, I would like to focus more on deepening the knowledge and skills I am learning and adapting during the sessions of the recently launched Oximio Leadership Academy to contribute even more effectively to the success of Oximio.