Leveraging Technology in Clinical Trial Logistics

In an industry where precision and timeliness are crucial, the leveraging of technology and data-driven insights is becoming more apparent in the drive to optimise clinical trial logistics processes.

In this latest insight we look at the benefits of embracing new technology and how Oximio maximises it to improve and streamline efficiencies to support clinical studies.

Real Time Data: Online platforms conveniently pull together all aspects of a clinical trial to one central point. This provides real-time data on project status, inventory and budget control. Integrated API systems can enable the retrieval of this data directly into customer systems enabling streamlined and efficient project management. Available on both desktop and mobile platforms, it provides essential data access whilst on the go.

Smart Warehousing: Smart warehouses are revolutionising clinical trials by ensuring the integrity and safety of vital medicinal products and samples. Real-time temperature monitoring with alerts for deviations safeguards the efficacy of drugs. Automated door sensors prevent accidental breaches, and advanced software provides instant visibility into inventory levels across all locations. This centralised control allows effortless temperature regulation adjustments and simplifies oversight of multiple warehouses, all accessible from a single computer screen. These advancements not only boost efficiency but also provide invaluable peace of mind throughout the entire clinical trial process.

Logistics: Ensuring product safety continues before and after warehousing. Delivery vehicles are fitted with environmentally controlled compartments that maintain precise temperatures whilst en route. These compartments are equipped with real-time temperature logging systems that provide a continuous temperature log throughout the journey. Additionally, GPS tracking with cargo location updates can pinpoint the vehicle’s position at any given time and ensure the secure transport of these vital supplies.

Benefits of Clinical Trials Technology

The leveraging of clinical trials technology provides many benefits and by implementing advanced solutions, they can significantly enhance supply chain operations. Streamlined processes can expedite timelines bringing enhanced speed and efficiency. Real-time tracking systems provide constant oversight of inventory levels and the location of vital products throughout the supply chain, providing unmatched visibility. Intelligent monitoring and alerts can minimise the risk of errors, delays or product spoilage proactively managing risk. Faster response times and improved communication via technology platforms leads to greater satisfaction for partners offering a superior customer service.

All these enhancements translate to increased profitability for customers who can benefit from reduced costs via efficient operations and minimised risks can contribute to higher margins.

Utilising Technology for Clinical Trials Logistics at Oximio

At Oximio we utilise interlinked IT systems which provide real-time access to inventory and product movement from central points and maintain a centralized control for all product data which we handle, including storage, transportation, and all other operations.

Our IT-enabled business processes align completely with and support the implementation of our Quality Management System (QMS) documents minimising the risk of errors. At Oximio we have enabled our couriers to have capability to scan barcodes on packages upon delivery to site using a smartphone app. This information is then immediately updated in our information systems and available on the client portal.

Global accessibility of operational data means that our Project Managers, in any location, can oversee worldwide projects with confidence, knowing that the information is accurate. This gives them the ability to make swift decisions and take quick action. Oximio Online, our on-line portal, streamlines project activities, giving customers fast and easy access to project information to verify their trial status.  

Our smart warehouse storage solutions and temperature-controlled courier service ensures the efficacy and safety of products at all times.

For further information on any of our clinical trial logistic services, why not visit our website at www.oximio.com and find out how we can support your clinical study. We’d be delighted to help.