Top 6 Reasons to Choose Oximio as your Clinical Trial Logistics Partner in Georgia

There has never been a better time to run a clinical trial in Georgia. Standing at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Georgia has rapidly become a rising destination for clinical trials thanks to its excellent healthcare system and positive regulatory environment.

In this article we look at the Top 6 Reasons for choosing Oximio as your logistics partner, to support your clinical studies.

Customs Bonded Warehouse

Situated in Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi, Oximio boasts a customs bonded warehouse located in the Georgia Free Trade Zone. Offering a storage capacity of 294 m2, sponsors can maximise budgets due to the associated fiscal benefits such as deferment of customs duties or taxes. Pharmaceutical supplies can be stored securely and handled with duties delayed until such times as products are ready for release. There is no limit to the time that goods can be stored.

Non-Bonded Warehouse

Additionally, a secondary GDP/ISO certified, warehouse in Georgia with a storage capacity of 600 m2 further enhances our offering.

Our non- bonded warehouse provides complete relabelling services starting from receipt of unlabelled products, extending to the creation and printing of new labels for further distribution. Our comprehensive services include kit assembly, repackaging and the division and sorting of bulk consignments to smaller packages for shipping to multiple countries.

Both our warehouses facilitate the supply, storage, and distribution of pharmaceutical products to other Caucasus countries through a regional depot. We are strategically positioned to offer exclusive access to patient populations in Eastern Europe, thanks to our compliant depot network spanning Georgia, Hungary, Turkey, Israel, Serbia, and Ukraine.

Wholly Owned Specialised Courier Fleet

A reliable courier service is essential for the delivery of essential clinical trial products. Oximio benefits from possessing its own courier fleet which guarantees same day delivery of vital products across the country to either clinical trial sites or direct-to-patient. We can provide flexible solutions to meet the specific needs of your trial.

Direct to Patient Care

Thanks to our specialised courier fleet we can offer direct to patient care. This can range from medicinal products to meals. If patients are able to travel, we can collect patients from their homes and take them to medical centres to take part in the clinical trial and drive them home again. This is a popular service and contributes to patient recruitment, retention, and engagement.

Temperature Control Solutions for Biological Samples

We fully understand that guaranteeing the quality and efficacy of your pharmaceutical products and highly sensitive biological samples requires stringent temperature control. Our warehouses offer secure storage for products within a controlled temperature range from ambient to ultra-low. Combined with our courier services we can provide a dry-ice collection of your bio-specimens, store them at temperatures as low as -800C to -600C and arrange delivery to central laboratories. We can also supply ULT freezers for rent at your own site. All freezers are maintained and validated to the highest standards.

Find out more about our biological sample management solutions in Georgia.

Dedicated Highly Experienced Project Managers

Some of the major advantages of choosing Georgia as a location for running clinical trials, is its short approval timelines and friendly regulatory environment. The timeline from approval to first patient screened is the shortest approval time in Europe. No import license is required for clinical trial materials, including investigational products. The country has effective regulatory processes in place and offers streamlined customs clearance. These are further enhanced with a healthcare system that benefits from highly qualified and motivated medical staff representing first-class quality of study data that is accepted by the FDA and approved by FDA inspections.

Our Georgian operation was established in 2017. Our project managers have extensive industry knowledge and are highly experienced. One of the key benefits of working with Oximio, is that you have your own, dedicated project manager who will steer you through the complexities of setting up a clinical trial and will work with you every step of the way, ensuring that you benefit from those short approval timelines and regulatory environment.

Flexible Approach

With a dedicated project manager, a customs bonded and non-bonded warehouse and our own fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles, we operate independently of third parties. This empowers us to provide a customised solution to suit your specific clinical trial model. Recognising the unique demands of each study, we conduct a case-by-case review to ensure that both you and your patients receive the personalised attention you rightfully deserve.

For further information on our clinical trial end-to-end logistics services in Georgia, please contact us. We look forward to helping you with your requirements.