Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Listening carefully to their needs and delivering an outstanding service, backed with excellent customer support, is key to building successful relationships and indeed, a successful business. 

Our annual survey is always a good opportunity to find out how we are performing and if there is anything we could be doing better to further enhance our offering. Following our latest survey, we are delighted to learn that our customers are more than satisfied with the service we provide.

Of those surveyed, 68% ran trials in single locations. The remainder worked across multiple locations.

A breakdown of the services our customers used is as follows:

  • Depot Storage and Distribution: 31%
  • IoR & Customs Clearance: 21%
  • Equipment and Ancillary Supply: 15%
  • Bio-samples Pick-up and Export: 12%
  • Comparator Sourcing: 5%
  • Patient Transfer: 5%
  • QP Release: 4%
  • Expanded Access Supply: 2%
  • Adaptive Logistics for Advanced Therapy: 2%
  • Patient Support: 1%
  • Direct-to-Patient Services: 1%
  • Humanitarian aid and logistics: 1%

All our customers have a key account manager and on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest score, the large majority attained 5 out of 5. The average score was 4.7.

It’s Not What We Say, It’s What Our Customers Say

The best way to grow business is by word-of-mouth referral. We are pleased to report that once again, the majority of our customers would be happy to recommend the services of Oximio. However, don’t take our word for their recommendations, here’s what they had to say:

“Thank you for the support throughout 2022, Looking forward to 2023.”

“I don’t think there is any area that I have a need to call out for improvement. I would however like to call out my Project Manager specifically for his excellent attention and customer service. He has been invaluable in navigating certain challenges during this year!  It is a pleasure to work with him! I would also like to acknowledge and thank all the teams working in the Ukraine depots – please let them know how much we appreciate their work in such very challenging circumstances in the region currently.”

“I’m answering this questionnaire specifically for the Ukraine partnership, as I’m not involved in the entire network management.  The team in Ukraine has been an inspiration and we are so thankful for the support they’ve given our clients and their patients.  The PM team, management team and depot staff have been outstanding during such a difficult time.  A HUGE THANK YOU to them all.”

“The cooperation runs very good. We should keep the same level. Future cooperation might be limited due to service provided mainly in Ukraine, so we are not sure when it might restart again.”

“Everything is good. Thank you!”

“Thank you for your perfect work and fruitful collaboration.”

“Thumbs UP and special thanks to the Project Management Team who always respond promptly whenever there’s urgent request and provide the necessary solutions for the inquiries. Glad working with the team and Keep Up the Good Works!”

“All is good, Thank you.”

“I am satisfied with its service.”

“Continue to be proactive and open to new solutions”

“The only one thing I want to share is that Oximio provides excellent services during geo-political conflict in Ukraine. Managers are high-qualified, flexible and quickly propose the solution in fast changing environment. Oximio are trustworthy team.” 

“Really satisfied with the support provided by the team in Ukraine, especially under the current circumstances.”

“Nothing to improve, I think Oximio are providing a fantastic service.”

“Dear Team, thank you for your commitment to the studies and keeping up professional work despite a very difficult year we are going through. I would like to thank Ukrainian Oximio team for always being in touch and readiness to overcome challenges we are facing every day. Keep safe!”

“THANK YOU for your cooperation in such challenging time!”

“Thanks for perfect collaboration!”

Supporting Clinical Trials Globally

With almost 20 years’ experience and industry expertise backed with dedicated teams and depots and bonded warehouses in EMEA and partner depots across the globe, Oximio offers a complete end to end clinical trials logistics solution.

Contact us today, to find out how we can support you in your next clinical trial.