At Oximio, we recognise the pivotal role our staff play in our success and growth. Our dedicated team is the backbone of our organisation, and their collective skills, expertise, and passion are instrumental in driving us forward. We firmly believe that fostering a culture of innovation and creativity among all employees is crucial in propelling our services to new heights and enhancing internal practices.

To coincide with World Creativity and Innovation Day, we recently ran an in-house competition inviting staff to contribute their own ideas to improve what we do as a business and how we do it. This could have been a new customer service, process improvement or internal practice.

Ideas were to be evaluated based on the project type, customer satisfaction, impact on quality/safety, implementation difficulty, budget needs, and alignment with our strategic objectives.

We had a great response from employees from across our different locations and functions and 37 ideas were suggested. These were reviewed by a cross-function panel and after much deliberation, as all the ideas had great merit, were narrowed down to 6. From here, they were put out to all employees who came up with a Top 3.  Our overall winning suggestion will now be implemented.

Oximio, CEO, Mykola Nikolaiev said “we were delighted by the enthusiastic response from our fantastic team. Their dedication to innovation has been exemplary, showcasing a remarkable blend of creativity and care through their suggestions. As a company, we highly value their contribution and remain committed to actively seeking and implementing their ideas, which will undoubtedly shape the finest practices for our customers and bolster our business. Moreover, we are determined to make Oximio an exceptional workplace for our close-knit working family.”