Bio-samples Management

We understand that in any clinical trial that the transportation of highly sensitive biological samples such as blood, tissue, urine and cells requires strict temperature control– as well as regulatory and customs expertise – to maintain shipment integrity and to prevent customs clearance delays.

Operating in an ever-changing environment, such as Ukraine during the war – it’s vital to work with a partner who can provide certainty for your bio-sample management, to ensure your study proceeds as expected.

As an established logistics provider with expertise dedicated to clinical trials and a thorough knowledge of the Ukrainian landscape, Oximio provides greater efficiency and control for the collection and return of your biological samples, while minimizing risks to safety. 


Oximio Bio-samples Management

With Oximio’s bio-sample management shipment service, you can expect:

  • Highly reliable temperature-controlled packaging
  • Support for a range of temperature ranges, ambient, refrigerated, frozen and dry ice
  • Door-to-door service, from site to the central lab
  • Solutions overcoming road and infrastructure conditions
  • Experts in the most efficient export routes
  • Regulatory and customs clearance expertise
  • Proven implementation of solutions during military conflict and other public emergencies

Bio-sample logistics workflow

Key descriptions:

1: The PI completes a collection request form (the form, as well as other export document templates including a letter to customs and a proforma invoice are prepared by Oximio in advance as part of the project setup)

2. Oximio collects the bio-samples from the site (including controlled packaging, temperature loggers and related materials – ambient; refrigerated frozen or Dry Ice, if needed)

3: Oximio performs export procedures

4: Oximio delivers to the central lab

5: Oximio provides P.O.D

As the first organisation to resume end-to-end operations in Ukraine since the start of the crisis, Oximio’s biological sample logistics services offers a comprehensive solution that puts shipment integrity and staff safety first.

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