Clinical Trials Customs Clearance and IoR Services

Oximio provides specialized custom brokerage services with in-depth regulatory review at the early stages of clinical supply chain planning.

Through our Importer of Records (IOR) capabilities and in-house local regulatory experts, we are helping our clients to define and navigate potential distribution issues considering temperature needs and monitoring during transit.

Oximio designs a strong distribution strategy for each element of clinical trial supplies: investigational medicinal products, ancillary and laboratory supplies, equipment, and printing materials.

Our comprehensive end-to-end solution is based on:

Central document management system (including PoAs, Import/ Export Licenses, Certificates etc.)


Guaranteed release of supply prior to site initiation


Proactive adjustment to changes in Import/Export Regulations

Optimization of unnecessary customs payments and courier costs

Customs Related Services

Regulatory Consulting
Assistance with Import/Export licenses and permissions
Management of Shipment Documentation
Importer/Exporter of Records (IOR) (EOR)
Customs Release
Reimbursement of Customs Duties and VAT

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