Patient-Centric Services

Patient Centricity puts the interests of the patient in the centre of all clinical trial activities.

Our direct-to-patient approach consists of several services including patient recruitment and retention, patient transportation, or patient nutrition.

Direct-to-patient services take the burden off the doctors and sponsors shoulders, thus saving valuable time for trials. Our DtP platform enables sponsors anywhere in the world to conduct trials outside of traditional supply chains: trials involving a rare disease, orphan indication or a dispersed patient population.

We organise the provision of these services at the appropriate stage of the trial, acting as the bridge between patient and sponsors.

As a part of our site management program, we offer a fully transparent system capable of monitoring the services provided to patients taking part in clinical trials. We offer an easy-to-handle application for patients, through which we are able to receive all confirmations.

We offer the following solutions to our clients:
Oximio Care

Coordination Centre

All-in-one service

24/7 Global Operational Centre

Dashboard reports

Personal Manager for each location

Audit proven vendor management



All services – by client choice

Full financial control of expenses

No third parties

24/7 patient support

Monthly invoicing and reporting

Benefits for Patients:

Easy-to-use service solution dedicated exclusively for the patients
Specialized multinational patient centricity department with 24/7 operations
Patients coordination and creation of a personal transportation plan
Expedited reimbursements of study payments

Benefits for sponsors, CRO’s:

Fully trained staff at all levels, from ordering, kitting, despatch and delivery
Multiplex & individual logistic solutions
Full support with study start-up: regulatory assistance, detailed Working instruction for each step.
24 hours customer service support
Expedited reimbursements of study payments
Transparent payment system