Oximio, as a global organization with employees from over 9 countries and nationalities, brings exceptional expertise and human factors to the performance of their jobs, every day.

We embrace and encourage diverse perspectives and build a culture that values work-life integration, professional development and collaboration between countries and functions across the world.

We expedite research to find effective treatment and cures for all people.

Be part of our journey.

Company Values

Care. At the heart of everything we do is care. We care for our colleagues. We recognize the responsibility of handling investigational products, supporting the fulfilment of their potential and providing our services with the utmost of care.

Commitment. We put our customers first at every stage of our operation. We strive to provide the highest quality service possible.

Integrity. We are honest, accountable, transparent and act in good faith.

Awareness. We understand our business and our market. We act on our weaknesses and build on our strengths.

Innovation. We challenge ourselves to provide added value and to seek creative ways of learning.

Flexible learning

Company Culture

We value new ideas; innovations and we respect the experience internally and externally that are brought to us.

Our people work to exceptionally high-quality standards and come to work every day thinking about how to make things happen most efficiently. The size of the organization allows us to strive for flexibility and our approach to daily situations is based on the respectful collaboration of teams and individuals.

We provide career opportunities in an internationally growing organization by continuously exploring new countries and business opportunities.

Treating everyone with the utmost fairness is how we strive to live our life at work and how we create strong and long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We are offering a vibrant working environment and interesting projects that affect people’s lives, their future’s and their families.

Flexible Learning

We invest in our people and we ask them to invest in their development as well.  The company values the experience and skills that new employees bring to us and we build on it. Our onboarding experience provides a personal development plan and new colleagues are also supported by an internal mentor we internally call a “Buddy”. Employees are well trained in operational processes that are required by customers. 

We provide a flexible learning culture to employees by the Learning Management Solution, that offers more than 3000 online learning possibilities, so colleagues can learn anytime, anywhere and in any way. Playlists, learning communities, learning assignments and specific curricula are examples of the opportunities. Continuous learning is encouraged so that learning becomes a mindset.

Oximio diverse culture

Diversity and Inclusion

We seek to build diverse teams in every part of the organization.

In our company, women and men are leading together.

We appreciate and encourage different points of view, backgrounds, ideas, cultures and perspectives that drive innovation and create the best answers for the customers’ needs. 

At Oximio, we have a truly welcoming and inclusive culture.

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