Running Clinical Trials in Serbia – Quick Facts

Navigating the regulatory landscape and operational requirements for clinical trials in Serbia demands a comprehensive understanding of the local procedures and requirements. In this handy guide, we give a useful overview of essential information to help you with your clinical trial.

From regulatory approval processes to site agreements, language considerations to insurance prerequisites, there are a many factors to be considered for efficient trial execution in Serbia. Explore these insights to ensure smooth sailing through the complexities of conducting clinical research in this Balkan nation.

Regulatory approval process​

Submission to CEC and RA (MoH) can be performed in parallel and electronically (via a web portal called ADIS). After the CEC approval for research is obtained, the RA approval is issued 30 days later.​

Agreements with sites and investigators​

Agreement negotiation can be started before the study approval, but some sites require at least a CEC approval to engage. ​

LEC review and approval ​

CEC and RA (MoH) reviewing processes can be done in parallel. 

Trial sites’ location​

All sites are located within an approximately 350 km radius of Belgrade.​

Legal entity​

A local legal entity is required for submission.​

QP Declaration / GMP certificate​

GMP Certificate, Manufacturing Authorization, and QP release (depending on EU/non-EU manufacturing) are needed for submission, and the CoA for the actual batches to be imported into Serbia.​

Documents requiring special attention​

ICF and all patient materials should be customized with country-specific information.​ Certificates of Analysis for any product used in the study must match the actual shipments.

Official language ​

Essential documentation should be submitted in English. ​Patient-related documents, labels, and protocol synopsis must be translated into Serbian. ​

Patient insurance​

Local Insurance is required. The Insurer and the Sponsor sign the agreement. 

Useful tips

There is a strict requirement to list all Institutions and the PI names and addresses in the insurance documentation.​

Oximio Clinical Supply Chain Solutions in Serbia

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