10 Reasons Why Serbia Should Be Your Next Clinical Trial Hub

Clinical trials are crucial for developing new medications and treatments, but navigating the complex world of international research can be daunting. Thanks to its efforts to further strengthen and enhance its well-established clinical research sector, Serbia is rising as a reliable and efficient location. This dynamic nation offers a wealth of advantages for pharmaceutical companies and research institutions.

In this Insight we look at 10 compelling reasons to consider Serbia for your next clinical trial:

  • High recruitment rates and vast patient population
  • Moderate research costs and investigator fees
  • High quality standards of clinical research
  • High-quality, accredited research units tailored to clinical trials
  • Well-qualified, compliant, and experienced staff of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certified investigators
  • Enhanced regulatory framework and validated safety guidelines under Serbian law and the Medical Devices Agency
  • An increasing and ever-improving business infrastructure for clinical trials, including advancing medical devices
  • An opportunity to participate in clinical trials gives Serbian patients an opportunity to have access to novel biologics, which are still limited under the state-funded supply programs, furthering the motivation.
  • It is essential to note that Belgrade is home to the Clinical Centre of Serbia, the country’s most reputable center for clinical trials.

End to end supply chain solutions for clinical trials from Oximio, Serbia

Oximio’s Serbian facility was established in 2020 providing essential clinical trial access to the Balkans, Asia and Western Europe. With a WHL Licence and ISO 9001:2015 and Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA) certification, we offer temperature control and logistic solutions for biological and pharmaceutical products.

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