Case study: Delivering vital biospecimens from Ukraine to Europe in record time

Biological specimens in lab. Storage and distribuiton services for clinical trials.

For those living with a life threatening or altering disease, the quick and effective analysis of a biospecimen may be their last chance of identifying a cure or treatment. At times like this, the swift and secure transportation of such samples takes centre stage.

In this case study, we showcase the rapid response of Oximio’s logistics operations team in Ukraine as they expedited the delivery of critical biospecimens to European destinations.

The Challenge:

Oximio receives a short notice request for the urgent delivery of three biospecimens to be shipped safely and securely from Ukraine to three locations in Europe: UK, Switzerland and Belgium. It was vital that each sample was delivered to its end destination within a tight 72 hour timeline. In addition to this, the samples had to be kept at a temperature of between 15°C and 25°C throughout the journey.


The team at Oximio, Ukraine, quickly prepared a detailed plan which considered the most efficient transport routes, regulatory requirements, customs protocols and the essential temperature requirements. Each biospecimen was carefully packaged and placed in a temperature-controlled container. Thanks to the team’s experience and expertise, they were able to ensure a seamless process from start to finish.

Successful Outcome:

Not only did the team exceed the expected requirements with the safe delivery of all samples within the stipulated 72-hour window, some of the goods reached their destination within a record 48 hours. Having transported the samples at the required temperatures, this meant that their integrity was assured and they were fit for analysis.

Oximio’s achievement highlighted the importance of rapid, reliable and compliant transportation in a critical medical situation. The project emphasised the interaction between meticulous planning, implementation and expert knowledge of geographical nuances, regulatory requirements and logistic hurdles.

“The war in Ukraine has impacted many things, but there is still a huge portfolio of ongoing clinical trials within the country. While there is no air transportation, there are logistics on the ground. So, we’ve utilised that as a solution and been able to manage the export of biospecimens from Ukraine to Europe,” says Zayheda Khan, chief commercial officer at Oximio.

“We are a leader in the export of biospecimen solutions from Ukraine, especially since the war started. It has been on our radar. It shows that when there is a challenge, Oximio creates a solution.”

Biospecimen Storage & Distribution Solutions from Oximio

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Operating across six continents, Oximio’s far-reaching network ensures the seamless provision of logistics solutions for international clinical trials, guaranteeing the safe and optimal delivery of biospecimens to their designated destinations.

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