Last week Oximio, Israel’s, Managing Director, Dror Sukenik and Pharmacist QP, Stanislav Liakhovski, were pleased to attend the Annual Conference for Clinical Studies in Israel.

Held in Tel Aviv, there was a diverse program of events designed to keep those working within the clinical trials industry up to date with the latest innovations across new technologies and solutions to assist with research management, data collection and much more.

The event was well attended with over 200 people and attendees benefited from a presentation from Dr. Catherine Ella, Director of the Clinical Trials Department at the Ministry of Health who spoke about “Innovations in clinical research in Israel”.

Prof. Meir Pugatch from the University of Haifa and Mr Kobi Tzoref, CEO of Pharma Israel, also presented on “The pharmaceutical industry, challenges, solutions and achievements in the field of clinical research”.

Keeping abreast of modern trends, there were interesting presentations within the field of Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Dan Goldstaub, Co-founder of PhaseV Trials spoke about “Harnessing AI for clinical trials design and conduct” and with patient centricity at the heart of any clinical trial, Dr. Avital Gaziel, Chief Science Officer at the Leal Company gave an informative talk on “The patient at the center: Leal, an artificial intelligence-based platform for removing patient recruitment barriers for clinical studies in oncology”. 

Overall, it was a very informative and exciting event to attend and a great opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange with key industry figures.

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