Clinical research organizations (CROs) have many reasons to be optimistic. Market expansion, a rise in R&D, the need for advanced clinical development programs and a continued push to outsource are just some of the positive signs for the industry. In fact, the industry is projected to reach $45.2 billion by 2022, from $27 billion in 2014 states William Reed Business Media, Feb 2016.

While there are opportunities to grow and build, CROs face many challengers. Efficiency and improved productivity are two pressing needs for CROs in expanding the business and their revenue. Sponsors want their CROs to demonstrate greater efficiency with how they execute trials and reduce the overall cost.

Choosing the right outsource partner/vendor is vital in building trust, relationships and opportunities.

Choosing SMO Group as an outsource partner/vendor will achieve these goals.

We can provide policy and strategy development

  • We have many years’ experience handling IMP’s
  • We have specific experience in supporting IIT’s
  • We minimize contracting time
  • We can expedite study start up
  • We can enhance the KOL experience
  • We have the ability to manage request, improving demand management
  • We can provide regular reports to help manage the trial
  • We can dedicate project management to you trial
  • We are very responsive, moving quickly
  • We are able to supply NIMP medicines, co-meds, ancillaries and ay comparator that is required.

Call us today, to remove the pain points that CROs struggle with.