Clinical trial logistic services provider, SMO Group has, earlier this year, appointed Krisztina Varga as Chief Executive Officer of the company to lead the company on the path to becoming a global vendor.

SMO and its’ 250+ strong team serve major the Pharmaceutical and R&D brands with an end-to-end clinical trial logistic services with a unique footprint in Central and Eastern Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States, The Middle East and North Africa, and South Africa. SMO’s highly experienced and qualified workforce is thoroughly conversant with global procedures for clinical trials and ensure the highest standards of operation, likewise in all audit-proven SMO-owned and partner depots. The multinational team assists in project management services providing local expertise on an international level.

“We are deeply involved in the middle of a 5-year strategy setting period. Our ambitious goal is to become a major provider of clinical trials logistics services worldwide. We have set a very strict business agenda to achieve our goals. This strategy allows SMO to simultaneously deliver long term, sustainable growth with the intensely expanding accessibility of new treatments for patients.” – Krisztina Varga said about her first months as CEO of SMO Group. “The new Management, including the new functional and operational leaders as well as the various country Managing Directors, will soon be announced. In parallel, we are further developing state-of-the-art cold-chain logistics systems capable of storing investigative medicinal products even in deep-frozen conditions. We are already capable of serving key emerging markets from Russia, the Middle East, South Africa, and Central Eastern Europe.”

She added: “SMO strives to become a global vendor of first choice, providing our customers scalable and cost-effective logistics solutions worldwide. We focus on total quality management, maintenance and scaling of knowledge and experience. To achieve cost efficiency, we utilize advantages of operating in low-cost countries and use innovations and automation, which supports both cost and quality excellence. Our third strategic focus is the development of advanced services such as direct-to-patient delivery, special delivery in gene and cell treatments.

Exploiting my experience over two-decades within the tech sector, my mission is to successfully lead SMO on the journey to becoming an essential part of the global clinical trial services market.”

Krisztina Varga brings very strong financial acumen to SMO. She has over 15 years of substantial multinational experience in the fields of transformation, planning and execution within the IT industry. She has held several roles in financial and business operations within corporations such as Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft. Krisztina has successfully implemented and adopted several digital transformation concepts into business operations and financial workflows.