Enhanced Security Portal Streamlining Real-time Project Status 

At Oximio we understand that the accuracy, availability and safeguarding of customer data is key to the success of any clinical trial. That is why we continually invest in the latest technology to provide the best management system for our customers.  

We are pleased to announce a major upgrade to our Oximio Online portal, designed with your convenience and security in mind. Our enhanced features include: 

  • Invoicing Module: Easily view and download your invoices – no more email fraud risks! 
  • Online Reporting: Access and export detailed activity reports for efficient project management. 
  • Budget Consumption: Monitor your project spending with our transparent budget module. 
  • Destruction Module: Track the secure destruction of stock, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. 
  • API Integration: Seamlessly retrieve all this information directly into your systems for unmatched convenience. 

Plus, our adaptive interface now supports desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, ensuring you have access to your logistics needs on the go. 

In light of recent email scams, we encourage our clients to utilise Oximio Online for secure access to invoices and real-time information, directly safeguarding against fraudulent activities. 

Your Security, Our Priority!  

Global Supply Chain Solutions

For further information on our end-to-end, global supply chain solutions for clinical trials, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to be of assistance.