Drug Sourcing

The Oximio procurement team are based in different locations around the world. This gives us the advantage of having strong relationships with local suppliers in different countries, which allows us access to a wide range of comparator drugs and clinical products.

We are able to source products from European Union countries, Ukraine, UK, Georgia, Israel, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, South Africa, Kenya, India and USA. As well as these countries we will endeavour to support any request for any country in the world. This extensive reach allows us to be flexible in our approach and provide the best option to our clients: Competitive pricing, large quantities, Expiry date that is required, batch requirements and any documentation that is required. Also with Oximio having a significant depot coverage is several locations, this can help reduce lead times and logistics costs.

The Oximio comparator sourcing team is committed to supporting our clients in finding a solution and fulfilling their requirements.