Comparator sourcing promotional product list 

Oximio offers a collaborative approach to meet the needs of our clients’ comparator sourcing strategies. Sourcing and benchmarking high-quality, and often hard to find comparators, we provide efficient and effective delivery methods to support our clients’ studies.

Our comparator sourcing service includes:

  • Prices that can potentially be negotiated depending on the order quantity and terms of supply
  • Expedited request processing across multiple countries, with minimal “PO to Dispatch” timelines
  • Full sets of documentation including CoA, CoC, MSDS, are available – where stated for each product
  • Provision of end-to-end logistics support with cross-border shipping, management of labelling requirements and local distribution to sites
MA Origin Name Documents
EU/1/04/300/002 EU AVASTIN, Roche, conc. for infus. sol. 400 mg/16 ml, 1 vial WITH COA
UA/16209/01/01 Ukraine KEYTRUDA, MSD, conc. for infus. sol. 25 mg/ml vial 4 ml, 1 vial WITH COA
EU/1/98/067/002 EU MABTHERA, Roche, conc. for sol. for inf. 500 mg/50 ml, 1 vial WITH COA
UA/16818/01/02 Ukraine HUMIRA, Abbvie, sol. for inj. 40 mg/0,4 ml, 2 PFS+2 alcohol pads WITH COA
UA/12600/01/01 Ukraine EYLEA, Bayer, sol. for inj. 40 mg/ml 0,278 ml, 1 vial with filter needle G18 With COA
რ-032628 Georgia AVASTIN, Roche, conc. for infus. sol. 400 mg/16 ml, 1 vial WITH COA
EU/1/04/281/003 EU ERBITUX, MSD, sol. for inf. 5mg/20ml, 1 vial WITH COA
EU/1/10/618/003 EU PROLIA, Amgen, sol. for inj. 60mg/ml, 1 PFS WITH COA

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