Sourcing for Clinical Trials

We scan the market for product availability, and make sure to provide the best cost to our clients and ensure a swift, timely delivery. Minimizing operational and regulatory risks is always attop of our list. 

After an objective analysis of the current market supply, we are in direct contact with manufacturers whilst we do benchmarking on both on a multinational or global level. Thanks to our geographical footprint, we have capabilities and capacity for central and local sourcing as well in the Ukraine, Israel, Caucasian region, European Union countries, USA, Japan and China. 

We have access to CoA (Certificate of Analysis) in 98% of requests, including hard to find comparators, we assure both possibility and readiness of specific products in a single batch always prioritizing based on client requirements.

Ancillary and Equipment Management

As a full-cycle logistics provider we source ancillary equipment for clinical trials.

We offer equipment rental as a quick, convenient and affordable way of securing general or specialized equipment at each clinical site, without any need for investment.

Our team is committed to the timely and continuous availability of the latest and best quality equipment, bringing consistency and simplicity to your clinical trial, full stop after trial and minimum rental basis, wherever in the world it is required.


We supply the following certified and calibrated equipment:
Oximio Clinical Trial Services
Medical and laboratory equipment
Centrifuges, freezers, laptops, ECG machines, infusion pumps, thermometers, scales
Unique specialist equipment