Investigating Ukraine’s Clinical Trial Centres’: The EBA’s Recent Report into their Adaptation to War in Ukraine and Readiness for New Clinical Studies

The Clinical Research Subcommittee of the EBA has recently conducted an analysis on the status of clinical trials in Ukraine. The study also looked at how clinical trial sites had adjusted following a year of intense conflict within the country.

A survey was carried out among clinical research facilities who collaborate with member companies of EBA. This survey took place from May 5 to May 31 2023, yielding a total of 227 responses.

The breakdown of those taking part in the analysis was as follows:

  • 59 (26%) of the centres that took part in the survey worked in Kyiv
  • 29 (13%) were based in Kharkiv
  • 21 Lviv
  • 18 Ivano-Frankivsk
  • 16 Zaporizhzhia
  • 16 Dnlpropetrovsk
  • 11 Vinnytsia
  • Other centres were almost evenly distributed across other regions.

The therapeutic areas for which clinical trials (CT) are conducted is diverse:

  • 13% Cardiology
  • 13% Rheumatology
  • 12% Gastroenterology (12%)
  • 11% Pulmonology
  • 10% Endocrinology
  • 9% of IPCs have/had research in neurology and 7% in oncology. 
  • 5% of the studies are for Covid-19, dermatology, etc. 
  • The least covered therapeutic areas are Hematology (4%), Infectious Diseases (3%), Pediatrics and Psychiatry (1% each).

The results showed that:

  • 93% of respondents are actively running clinical trials.
  • 95% IPCs assess the availability of drugs in operating KVs as sufficient.
  • 89% of respondents reported a sufficient level of material and technical support for the removal of biospecimens in operating KDs.
  • 96% reported they have the necessary qualified personnel to carry out activities.
  • 98% of centres are following normal working hours.
  • 96% of survey participants reported that they do not have any difficulties in working with regulators.
  • 94% stated that there are no restrictions on regulatory inspection visits.
  • 93% of respondents assessed their patient pool at the level of pre-war times, and in some instances, it has increased.

The survey results demonstrate the successful adaptation to work in the current environment and the readiness to participate in clinical trials.

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